Acoustical Ceilings

Acoustical Ceiling TilesOne of the specialized products offered by Southern Commercial Materials is acoustical ceiling materials.

What are acoustical ceilings? Tell me more.

  • Ceilings that are made with specialized materials to help dampen noise.
  • Come in a variety of different materials, types, and even shapes to provide the most effective noise reduction
  • Quite effective for hiding exposed pipes or wiring in the ceiling
  • Known to reduce energy costs as the materials tend to be reflective, allowing for better lighting and insulation.

Where are acoustical ceilings most useful?

  • Excellent choice for multilevel buildings and structures where you want to avoid noise from upper levels.
  • Excellent noise reducers for play rooms, home theaters, and rooms with high ceilings that would otherwise echo.
  • Perfect solution for music practice rooms and band practice spaces.
  • Popular choice for offices, schools, and other commercial buildings.
  • Cost effective choice for rooms that have warped or ruined ceilings (quick, easy solution to renovating a space).

For the very best building materials, including acoustical ceilings, contact Southern Commercial Materials. They offer the very best pricing and service to everyone, whether you are representing a corporate office or just looking for materials for your home. SCM is committed to providing you with the very best products with the least amount of hassle and stress possible.



Acoustical Ceilings

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