FlooringLarge or small, commercial or individual, your building project deserves the best quality materials. That is what Southern Commercial Materials offers you, as they have for the past three decades of service. While SCM started small, specializing in insulation and ceiling tiles, they have since expanded to include just about every building material you could need. They carry a huge variety of different products to help you complete your project, from top to bottom.

Flooring is an important component to a successful building project or home renovation. The look, feel, and overall quality of the flooring can truly make or break and entire project. There are many factors to consider when you are choosing flooring:


You want to choose flooring that is going to fit the purpose of your overall project. For example, if you are with a large contracting company that is building a large commercial space for retail space, you are going to want flooring that can withstand the abuse of being subjected to heavy food traffic. If you are an individual looking to replace the flooring in your home, you have to consider your children, pets, and how much potential wear and tear a particular flooring can withstand.

Pay attention to the descriptions and recommendations for durability when you are choosing your flooring. Make sure that the flooring you choose will be appropriate for the level of traffic and purpose of your project.


Whether your project is commercial or for personal use, keep in mind the maintenance needs of your chosen flooring options. Understand the care and maintenance needed for your particular flooring choice before you make your purchase. For example, high traffic buildings will require options that are durable as well as easy to care for.


Flooring can really make or break the overall look of your project. Choosing the wrong flooring can change the outcome of your project, especially aesthetically. Make sure you do your research, look at samples, and consider each choice.


Each different type of flooring will have it’s own requirements as far as installation. For the best outcome, you want to make sure you are following proper installation guidelines. Not doing so could create hazards, or threaten the life, durability, and look of your flooring.

Quality Materials

The flooring for any building often takes the most abuse. For this reason alone it is worth choosing only the highest quality materials. Luckily, Southern Commercial Materials uses only the finest manufacturers and quality products. Some of their flooring manufacturers are:

American Olean

These and many others represent the long list of exceptional manufacturers that Southern Commercial Materials get their products from. This list represents the manufacturers that offer the best, highest quality flooring materials so you know you are choosing from the top of the line. Large or small, your building project deserves the piece of mind that ordering only the best can give you. Southern Commercial Materials is your one stop shop for all of the best building materials, products, and service.







Other manufacturers are available.