Doors and Frames

Doors and door framesSometimes, even the most obvious materials and building supplies need more thought than you might have originally considered. Luckily for you, Southern Commercial Materials has decades of expertise that they have put to work for you. For all of your building material needs, SCM has put in the work and research for you, providing you with only the best for your building project needs. All of the vendors and manufacturers that Southern Commercial Materials work with offer the best service and highest quality products.

Doors and frames are some of those building needs that are pretty obvious, but are more than meets the eye. There are more choices, types, and little things that make this seemingly easy decision a little more difficult than one might think. There are many factors to consider when choosing the best and most appropriate supplies for doors and frames.

Type of Door

There are a surprising number of different types of doors. Some of the options available to you through Southern Commercial Materials and Dothan Commercial Doors, LLC include:

Hollow Doors: A favorite for commercial properties, hollow metal doors offer you longevity, durability, and security.

Custom Wood Doors: For commercial or residential use, custom wood doors give your building project an artful and architectural appeal. You choose the type of wood, grain, color, and more to make your door truly unique.

FRP Doors: Made with fiberglass reinforced materials, these doors are strong and durable. The material is long lasting, non corrosive, easy to maintain, and attractive to boot.

Pre-Hung Doors: It doesn’t get easier than this. These pre-hung wood doors take all of the guesswork and much of the elbow grease out of installing a door by including the frame with the door. There are multiple options for these pre-hung doors as well, so you can get the look you are looking for on top of easy use.


Southern Commercial Materials even has the finish hardware you need to make each door customizable and functional. Handles, hinges, knockers, locks, door stoppers, and more, they have absolutely everything you need for your doors and frames. All of the finish hardware also comes in a variety of finishes so you can customize the look to fit your specifications.


Like everything offered by Southern Commercial Materials, these doors and frames are the best of the best. Dothan Commercial Doors, LLC is a family owned company that has committed themselves to the highest quality doors, frames, and accessories. They maintain a stellar reputation for using quality materials, exceptional craftsmanship, and customer service.

Every part of your building project, from the walls to the door handles, is one important step in a series that will eventually lead to a successful outcome. Southern Commercial Materials has created and sustained a long running business based on providing you with the very best building materials and supplies, taking out much of the guess work and making your building project much less stressful. For all of your building and supply needs, contact Southern Commercial Materials and see how they can help you.





 Other manufacturers are available.