Metal Studs and Tracks

Metal FramingFor all of your building needs, Southern Commercial Materials carries what you need for the most successful building project possible. Since the 80s, SCM has provided excellent service and the best products possible. From simple drywall and insulation products, to the most specialized products, Southern Commercial Materials has what you need to finish your building project. Even down to the smallest metal studs and tracks, SCM has what you need.

Why Quality Matters

Sometimes the smallest materials can make the biggest difference. That is why Southern Commercial Materials carries only the best materials from the highest rated manufacturers. Manufacturers like Marino\WARE, that produce only the highest quality steel metal studs and tracks.

These little pieces might seem inconsequential and small, but the fact is that these are the parts that hold up your walls, fit your roof together, and provide stability to your structure. So even though the parts are small, they are often the most important parts to the whole project. You want to choose the best products, made with the highest quality materials by the leading manufacturers, so you know your project is safe.

Marino\WARE, for example, uses the highest quality steel and never compromises. Their products are some of the strongest for load bearing walls and structures, and the steel is also non corrosive. Because they use the highest quality steel, they are able to manufacture studs and tracks and other equipment that are lighter and smaller than their competitors, while still maintaining every bit of strength and efficiency.

From the metal studs and tracks, to the very walls around you, and more, Southern Commercial Materials is your connection to the highest quality materials. They are your link to the best and brightest manufacturers, with the most excellent products, and first rate customer service.

To Hold It All Together

As mentioned before, the smallest hardware like metal studs and tracks hold your whole project together. So quality does matter, down to the smallest detail.

For metal studs, you want them to be lightweight without compromising strength. They should be able to frame and strengthen load bearing and non load bearing walls without problem. The metal studs should also be rated for thermal conduction and fire resistance.

Tracks are an important part of the structure and stability of your walls. They should be strong and sturdy, adding to the load bearing capabilities of your walls. High quality tracks allow for stronger materials that allow for thinner tracks while still maintaining strength.

Southern Commercial Materials only carries the highest quality materials from the very best manufacturers. Even down to these seemingly small details like metal studs and tracks, they do not compromise on quality and only offer the best and highest rated products. You can count on Southern Commercial Materials for all of your building supply needs, and can feel free to call on them when you need advice for the best materials to use. They not only offer the best quality materials, but they take customer service very seriously.







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