Specialty Products

There are many details to a building project that are easy to overlook. These small details, however, play a big role in the overall project and quality matters just as much (if not more) as it does for the larger details. Southern Commercial Materials, being your one stop shop for all of your building supply needs, makes perfecting those small details stress free. SCM even takes the guess work out of specialty products like fire extinguishers, smart vents, construction adhesives, and signage.

When Southern Commercial Materials got their start in the 80’s, they supplied a smaller list of products, specializing in ceiling tiles and insulation products, but today they are the proud suppliers of top to bottom building materials. From the flooring to the ceilings and everything in between, even down to these specialty products, SCM provides you with the very best quality products and service.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguisher with cabinetA fire extinguisher is one of those small details that is obviously important, but often overlooked. The fact is that not all fire extinguishers are created the same.

Did you know that there are different classifications for fires and the extinguishers that are appropriate to use for them? This means that, depending on your building’s size, location, and overall purpose, you may need a very specialized piece of equipment and not just any fire extinguisher. Luckily, Southern Commercial Materials offers you a one stop shop for virtually every building material and supply need, including an extensive list of fire extinguishers by JL Industries.


Smart Vents

When Southern Commercial Materials say they supply just about everything you could need as far as building materials, they mean business. They even supply Smart Vents, which are a revolutionary product that can protect your structure from major flood damage.

Smart Vents are installed to provide air ventilation, but unlike just any air vent, these are specially made to open in the event of a flood. This function allows the water to pass through the vents into an approved area such as a crawl space or garage. This is especially useful because during a flood, the force of the water can cause walls to buckle.


Construction Adhesives

Construction adhesives are used to bond building materials. They are popular in many construction and renovation projects and have many uses. One, obviously, is fixing two objects or materials together with a specialized product that is stronger and thicker than glue. Construction adhesives are also waterproof, can be used to fill in gaps and imperfections.

When it comes to materials such as construction adhesives, you want to ensure you are using the best quality products. For this reason, Southern Commercial Materials uses highly rated products by DAP and Gorilla Glue.

DAP logoGorilla Glue


Restroom SignageFrom restroom signs to elevator signs, signage is an important facet to many commercial buildings. In fact, many signs have to abide by guidelines set by the American Disabilities Act, such as adding braille for the vision impaired. The signs offered by Southern Commercial Materials all comply with rules and guidelines so you have one less issue to worry about.

Southern Commercial Materials has a long history of doing whatever it takes to make your building supply needs as stress free as possible. Through their partnerships with many of the leading and highest rated manufacturers such as Mohawk Sign Systems, they are able to create a one stop shop and offer only the best in building materials and specialty products.




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